The Threat Bill Gates Warns About Could Be Devastating!

  • There is no denying that Bill Gates is a very knowledgeable person. Which is why the warning he just gave is worrisome!

    There are many changes happening in the world right now. One of these changes is how advanced technology is becoming. Most of the time technology can connect us with people from around the world and help us become more knowledgeable than ever before. However, sometimes technology advances can have consequences that we have not even considered before.

    That's why when we just found out what kind of threat Bill Gates is now warning people about,  our mouths hit the floor. We still can't believe this could happen and it is downright scary. The only thing we are left wondering is why no one was told about this sooner. Once you found out the truth about what technology might do, it may have you look at it in a whole new light!

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    1. Tom Tyler said:

      Pandemics have been postulated for decades, nothing new here. Check netflix 😉

    2. Christi Moeller said:

      Wow. This article, the source and the fact that every single person with a brain could have drawn the same conclusion makes me wonder who is behind the keyboard? A fifteen year old?

    3. Terry Weyer said:

      I no longer trust anything this man says…he was a part of giving drugs to girls in India without then knowing and now they can’t have children ..his foundation has been thrown out of India

    4. Terry Lamb said:

      Gates is part of the problem. He want sterilization through vaccinations the guys evil

    5. Pat Ojard said:

      Bill Gates can make a credible threat because he is a huge part of the movement to dramatically reduce the world’s population