The Threat Bill Gates Warns About Could Be Devastating!

  • There is no denying that Bill Gates is a very knowledgeable person. Which is why the warning he just gave is worrisome!

    There are many changes happening in the world right now. One of these changes is how advanced technology is becoming. Most of the time technology can connect us with people from around the world and help us become more knowledgeable than ever before. However, sometimes technology advances can have consequences that we have not even considered before.

    That’s why when we just found out what kind of threat Bill Gates is now warning people about,  our mouths hit the floor. We still can’t believe this could happen and it is downright scary. The only thing we are left wondering is why no one was told about this sooner. Once you found out the truth about what technology might do, it may have you look at it in a whole new light!

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    1. Kim Yaksich said:

      Well I guess he should know, he’s already giving tainted vaccines to children in Africa thats killing them and wants to engineer mosquitoes so people will get vaccinated without their knowledge. Listen to his speaches where he says the worlds overpopulated and what he recommends to take down our numbers. Smart yes, but also twisted.

    2. Jeff Gilliam said:

      He’d be the one to put it together. He’s all for depopulation and population control.

    3. Derek Haywood Sr said:

      Give me a break. Bill Gates is a monster. He will stand before Jesus one day trust and believe that. These elite create diseases in labs , patient them , then make vaccines with poison in them. Get with the program about this monster and his wife as well.

    4. Elizabeth Netherland said:

      Well he should know he’s partnered with Monsanto, creator of “the technology” to promote GMO’S in Africa.

    5. Larry Pucci said:

      Gates is a mass murderer responsible for the deaths of millions with his international eugenics program.

    6. John Eddleman said:

      He will be in part responsible if it happens! Better research this globalist pawn.

    7. Marie Kelly said:

      He is an evil man who is creating the pandemic he speaks of. But like the Pharaoh…he’ll get caught in his own game.

    8. Ray Andrews said:

      Kim and everyone else, stop listening to bullshit conspiracy theories. They rot your brain and make you sound dumber than you probably are.

    9. Robin Kundert said:

      Honestly kind of old news. Both biological and cyber weapons can be very devastating and precise if so intended. They can also be engineered to spread, replicate and perhaps even evade detection after initial deployment. Also they, generally unlike nuclear and chemical weapons, can be undertaken by hobbyists as well as nation states to varying degrees since the economic, technical, and knowledge requirements to start a “project” are rather minimal.

      Also, there is no reason to target people directly when you can devastate crops. For example, crop destruction would be a phenomenal force multiplier since it would impact food, economics, trade, health, moral, travel, crime, etc. Imagine a plant wasting disease that targets plants with glyphosate resistant genes. So many options!

    10. Brent Morgan said:

      He’s absolutely right. It’s extremely easy to create a biological weapon to devastate a population on a large scale. The is not a new concept, it’s been around for more years than I’ve been alive.

    11. Adolfo Barajas said:

      His father was a Eugenist and Worked with planned parenthood. He wants population control and DEATH Panels!

    12. Jason Borland said:

      The DIY Bill Gates or the this is completely off topic and you just got unliked and you are asking all of your followers to unlike you Bill Gates? Congratulations on becoming the$#%&!@*in the punch bowl!!!

    13. Derek Haywood Sr said:

      Larry , GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER. Eugenics been going on a long time and you can trace the culprits. He is a monster.

    14. Derek Haywood Sr said:

      I said the same thing in my mind. Leonard , these elite , evil , satanist , they are all the ones whom control everything from the internet , military , Banking , Media , and there is a lot of manipulation , brainwashing , the masses going on. You have pages like this that real you in with good info and then they post stuff like this. It make’s you wonder , but I know what they do and these very pages are these people. It is called duality, you mix the good with the bad to manipulate. This is why I serve God and store my treasures in heaven , and I stay walking in him daily and he protects us from these people and gives us wisdom and discernment. I think this is the second time I have seen this page do this and next. Think I am gonna boot it like I have others. They start a page giving good advice then post political stuff , or occult stuff , they not fooling me.

    15. Joe Guerra said:

      They have had these weapons at the ready for years. Nothing will happen until God wants it to happen, not one minute before. If you belong to God, don’t worry. If not, even your shadow will frighten you, and every rumor

    16. Rob Scott said:

      Bill gates is a leftwing extremist liberal. He can’t be trusted for anything.

    17. Anonymous said:

      And Monsanto having all the seeds and promoting food that can’t regenerate itself, simply shutting down the food supply to whole countries would wipe them out.