The Rifle Musket Gets a Bad Rap…But Should It?

  • Some People Are Rethinking the Longheld Views on This Weapon!

    The Civil War created wartime casualties like nothing ever seen before, with estimates ranging from around 600,000 to 800,000. This has long been thought to be due to the adoption of the rifle musket, which was supposedly more accurate than the previously used weapon, the smoothbore musket. The smoothbore musket supposedly had a range of 70 yards but the rifle musket had a range of 600 yards, and it was this difference that led to all the deaths.

    However, one thing many people overlook is that there was a very different style of battle back then. For years, soldiers engaged in frontal assaults, where essentially the soldiers lined up and faced each other and then started firing. So, the massive death toll was likely due to proximity instead of due to the type of weapon used. This is very different from what most of us were taught!

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    1. Ixora Roberts said:

      Who’s giving them a bad rap? and why are they even bothering to do it? Just to write something so people will see know something, and waste our time!