The Popular Remington Rifle Has Been Found To Have A Defect

  • If you own a Remington Rifle, then what has happened due to a defect may make you think twice about using it!

    Many people have the several rifles. They have them as part of a collection, for hunting or just because they were passed down to them by a family member. One of the most popular rifles that people own is the Remington Rifle. It is a classic and has been loved by thousands of people for years.

    However, recently there have been reports of problems with this popular rifle and when we heard about them we were in complete shock. We still don't understand how something like this could ever happen. This news may change the way you feel about this popular rifle for good. You may even not feel comfortable using it again!

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    1. Brent Morgan said:

      This is old news, and they fixed the problem. All you have to do is send yours in for a free fix if you have this issue.

    2. Wes Lydon said:

      Yep own lots never had this issue, keep your finger off the trigger when opening the bolt. The usual suspect is this rifle has to be in the fire position to open the bolt.

    3. Larry Woomer said:

      Years ago My XP-100 was recalled for this same thing. It was fixed and works great. Very old story…

    4. Trevor Bending said:

      And that there is only the potential of an issue if you knowingly modify the trigger group yourself beyond intructions in the manual.

    5. Michael Bandeko said:

      Go to Remingtons website and read a little more about this. Both weapons were found to be in safe operating condition by ballistics experts. 60 minutes failed to report this.