The Outdoorsmens Guide To Paracord Splicing

  • There are several abilities any survivalist has in their skill set regardless of whether they spend the majority of their time in the woods, on the water or in the snow. Those skills might include how to start a fire, how to produce clean drinking water and how to prepare food. What about paracord splicing?

    Paracords have multiple uses: as a splint in emergency situations, as a repair for sailing equipment, as fishing line, as a pulley line, as a keychain, etc. Paracord might be on your list of supplies when you're out in nature, but do you know how to use its full capacity? By splicing paracord correctly, it has the potential to hold plenty of weight without having to use knots in the process. This skill can prove essential when you're in the wild and need something durable, strong and versatile.

    To learn what to do and what not to do when splicing paracord, keep reading!

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