The Best States to Support Your Off-Grid Lifestyle

  • The decision to make a life change such as that involved with a job, a move or otherwise, can be stressful. It takes time and research to become informed about what to do. With the rise in popularity of off-grid living, many people are choosing a more cost-effective, self-sufficient environment. Just as with any other move, you must know what you are facing when you make the decision to live on a homestead. It only increases your chances of success!

    If you're considering life on a homestead, then there are certain factors you must take into consideration before becoming set on a certain location. You may think you just need a large plot of remote land, but there is much more to it than that. There is plenty of information out there on off-grid living, but it can quickly become overwhelming. We can break it down to a list of factors followed by a list of states that can offer that off-grid oasis you want.

    Let's take a look at what factors you need to consider when purchasing land and which states are best for off-grid living!

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    1. Julie Harris said:

      Fact check, So.California has the Highest taxes in the country, in addition it is a desert and water is expensive! And is a liberal state which means “Big Government” fee after fee and permits, Holly Smokes the permits and time to get permits.
      And Guns ahhh no, only the bad guys and police have guns!

    2. Lynda DoughertyKelly said:

      However Northern and Central California are awesome and we do not have the highest taxes in the nation. We can grow year round and the state gives huge support via tax breaks for off grid life styles like solar.

    3. Jeff JL said:

      How in the world didn’t Alaska get on that list?

    4. Jeff JL said:

      I still can’t believe CA even made the list.

    5. Dan McMahan said:

      2 of the top 5 are on another list. States not to live in when SHF. I am looking hard at Oregon plenty of water low tax base plenty of fish and game

    6. Brent Morgan said:

      Terrible list, 3 of the top 5 are liberal states and they won’t let you set up off grid, they want your money. Plus, they won’t let you live your lifestyle without trying to interfere like charging you to catch rainwater and taking your kids away because they dont think they are growing up in the right environment. Whoever wrote this better go back to school because they missed a lot.

    7. Brent Morgan said:

      Not necessarily, look into water screws if you live near a river. You can also build paddle wheels connected to alternators to power battery banks for cheap. Another useful trick is use led lights because the use 20 miliamps of current to light.

    8. Janine Manke said:

      I trust Joel Skousen’s work on where to set up a homestead. Florida was dead last on his list. This article did not factor in population density, which for many in the preparedness lifestyle is a BIG deal.

    9. Jayne Ward said:

      Florida? Definitely not. I moved here from the Midwest to help my family. I’m praying we all move back.

    10. Shannon Yanez said:

      Washington should ALWAYS be top 2. Mountains during the summer, desert valleys during the winter, lots of sun, not too much precipitation, great farming, lots of water….

    11. Shawnna Michelle Disney said:

      Its illegal to harvest rain water…land is over worked and over populated…water supplies comprised everywhere. Maybe long ago California would have been a wonderful place to make a off grid home but not today.

    12. James Clifford said:

      The whole west coast is waiting for the gates of hell to open when that fault off the coast slips…People will be running east..Dying by the thousands in the desert…

    13. Paul Finnemore said:

      The funny part about this story is Maine is #4 , it’s the way some have always lived and nothing new

    14. Ari Apriyanto said:

      Whoever wrote this clearly hasn’t been to California in quite some time to list it as “taxes are lower.”