Safely Cross Rivers, Stream & Rapids By Following These 7 Tips

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  • As liberating and reinvigorating as a day in the wilderness can be, we have to be aware of the potential dangers we could face. It’s all part of prepping. Everything from a bear to extreme weather to a river could quickly become your worst nightmare when in the great outdoors. By knowing how to handle each of these dangers, you will maximize your chances of survival and stay worry-free throughout your adventure.

    Many people do not realize that something as benign-looking as a small stream can be dangerous. A simple misstep while crossing that small stream could inflict an injury that needs immediate medical attention. Even if you love water and could use a refreshing swim while hiking, you don’t want to risk getting injured or caught in a swift current.

    So, let’s learn 7 tips for safely crossing rivers, streams and rapids!

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