How To Make a Generator From an Old Washing Machine

  • A generator is always a good thing to have around unfortunately not everyone has an unlimited budget to deal with. The cost of most generators can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and many of them are dangerous – they require careful maintenance and need to be monitored; you have to be careful of carbon monoxide buildup and potential fire hazards. And you will probably have enough to worry about already.

    Luckily, you can build a generator that can make up to 780 watts. It’s water-powered and sustainable for your needs as you live off the land. All you need is a head of water and…. an old washing machine?!

    So what we have done is compiled some information for you on how to convert an old washing machine into a  generator! Also, check out the video on the next page to see how it works!

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    1. Rick Elliott said:

      Crap…. alllllllmost… I need to know how to make a WASHING MACHINE out of an old generator…

    2. PreppersInfo said:

      Your body burns twice as many calories when you are freezing cold and wet