How To Find and Prepare These 3 Edible Nuts in the Wild

  • When we’re in the great outdoors, we take the time to enjoy its beauty and fresh air. It’s a peaceful reprieve when compared to the chaos of our day-to-day schedules. Unfortunately, nature can also cause us to face trouble if we’re not careful. It’s not unusual for us to get lost or get caught in bad weather that prevents us from finding home again. As a result, it’s crucial for a survivalist to know how he or she can use nature to maximize chances of survival.

    Believe it or not, we can rely on nuts to give us the calories and healthy fats we need to stay alive in the wilderness. While it’s always prudent to check the type of nut before ingesting it, there are 3 kinds that can be a life saver.

    Take a look at 3 types of edible nuts that you can count on when you need food in the woods!

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