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Should We Fear Enemy Missiles When The U.S. Military Has This Up Their Sleeve

Should We Fear Enemy Missiles When The U.S. Military Has This Up Their Sleeve

Military technology can be equally fascinating and frightening. We may not actively consider it on a day to day basis, but the potential for a nuclear threat is in the back of many of our minds. We automatically think that the U.S. has the military capacity and resources to fight any type of danger that

Storing Gasoline To Maximize Its Shelf Life

Our list of stockpile essentials can get a little lengthy. When we consider the potential unexpected disasters that could hit our location, we can easily go overboard on what to purchase at the grocery store and our local home improvement store. However, there are certain items that all preppers can agree are necessary for survival

These 7 Survival Stories Are Insane But True

Many of us are captivated by stories of survival. We even consider whether we would be able to endure the stress and pain if we were in a similar situation. Most of the time, though, Hollywood is the one telling the incredible stories of survival. We look forward to being entertained by the intense plotlines

Why Coconut Oil Should Be In Every Bug Out Bag

Coconut oil has enjoyed a recent bout of popularity. It’s being coveted by chefs, beauty gurus and many other types of people. Its versatility is the reason it’s been flying off the shelves. As a survivalist, you might have initially believed coconut oil is not worth the hype. However, we can easily add “survival tool”