After 10K Hours in a 700 Year old Cave Man’s Off Grid Home is now Complete

  • We all have dreams, desires, and goals that we want to accomplish before we leave this earth. There are things that we have promised ourselves, promised others and are just sitting there, in the back of our minds unrealized and unstarted.

    There are often times I wonder to myself what it would take to actually get those dreams accomplished. Will they remain dreams or will I cross them off the list and move on to the next one.

    Well moving on was not an option anymore for this man. He was tired of waiting and after a disease left him with the news that it would only get harder he decided to stop waiting and start living.

    So let's take a look at what he did and the incredible time that he had with it and how beautiful the outcome is. 

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    1. Susan Joy said:

      I love it! However, #fortcollins would totally ban this. And Tiny Houses. And off grid. Can’t feed city coffers if you’re off the system. Which, btw, they keep preaching to reduce environmental impact and pay extra for wind and solar energy yet BAN any effort to do so. #fuckedifyoudofuckedifyoudont

    2. Maria Lynn Scruggs said:

      But hey, you can walk around with your tatas out & basking in the sun!! ( if you’re referring to ft.collins CO lol)

    3. Maria Lynn Scruggs said:

      Priorities. Their strategy for priorities matches that of my 9 yr old—makes no sense, mainly self centered, and very irresponsible and biased lol

    4. Gail said:

      Love. Love. Love it

    5. David Craig said:

      I’ll have to look later, too noisy at work. Looks pretty cool.

    6. Tawny Schlienz said:

      Hmmm? Where is this? If I wanted to live in a cave I’d get fined n people who tell me I shouldn’t ruin things like it. Must be nice to be rich n do what you want. Just saying.