A great tool for both protection and trade: fixed blade knives

  • A good knife is vital to, well, everyone. Knives are one of those versatile items that can be used for a myriad of different things. I have seen knives used for cutting branches, for digging, for getting out splinters and used as forks around a campfire (disclaimer: I do NOT recommend that last one).

    Having a sharp, reliable knife by your side is simply good logic. At our home, we have a variety of knives but the ones that get the most use are the fixed blade knives. My husband fell in love with the fixed blade knife while he was in the Marine Corps. The trusty Ka-Bar has been by his side ever since.

    While the Ka-Bar is by far the most famous fixed blade (and in his opinion the best) there's a long list of others who also get the job done so I have compiled the list for you on the next page so you can see if your fixed blade made the cut.

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