10 Reasons To Build An Earthbag House

  • Before a few weeks ago I had not heard of Earthbag home. The phrase was completely foreign to me and apparently I wasn't the only one. This technique while not new is something that is gaining popularity over the past year or so among people looking for stable, secure housing for a fraction of the cost.

    These homes are perfect for anyone looking to live a naturally sustainable life as well as those looking to get off the grid and be detached from modern technologies. Earthbag was initially designed for settlements on the Moon and Mars, and was first applied in the construction of emergency shelters for refugees in the Persian Gulf but has now found it's way to us. These homes have many benefits and while I'm sure there are many we did not think of we have compiled 10 reasons you should build an earthbag home on the next page. of which we have compiled for you on the next page.

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