Smith & Wesson Changes Its Name…You Won’t Believe What the Company Wants To Be Called!

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  • We Don't Think They'll Be Using This Name in Any Famous Movie Scenes!

    Smith & Wesson is just about as all-American as it gets. The respected firearms company has been a leader in the industry for decades, and is one of the first things people think of when they think of guns. In fact, the name Smith & Wesson is practically synonymous with firearms! However, branding is all the rage right now, and companies across all industries are continually tinkering with their logos and even their names in order to keep up with changing times and appeal to a more diverse audience.

    Smith & Wesson just became the latest to take part in this trend, as it recently announced it's changing its name to American Outdoor Brands, Corp. Now, we suspect a lot of people will be unhappy about this, in part because the name Smith & Wesson has a certain mystique and aura to it. In fact, it's even part of a famous line from Dirty Harry IV, where Clint Eastwood walks into a diner and announces to would-be robbers that the person who's going to prevent them from robbing the place is “Well, Smith and Wesson…and me.” Cool, huh?

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    1. Nikki Roberts said:

      The 164-year-old company’s president and CEO, James Debney, had this to say:
      “We are excited about the results of today’s stockholder vote. We believe that American Outdoor Brands Corp. is a name that truly represents our broad and growing array of brands and businesses in the shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiast markets.”
      The problem, according to people who study such things, is that Smith & Wesson had become too closely associated with firearms, while the company needs to diversify its “portfolio” and focus on “brands and products that best meet the needs and lifestyle of our target consumers.”
      Actually, the guns will still bear the Smith & Wesson name.

    2. Keith R Edwards said:

      Protected by American Outdoor Brands Corp. Isn’t going to scare anyone !!!!!!

    3. Mike Welker said:

      S&W betrayed firearm owners back in the `80s; voluntarily reporting every firearm purchase to the Federal government. I’ll never give them any of my money.

    4. James Harris said:

      Bowing before the kings of political correctness, capitulation to the liberal political agenda, I have purchased my last Smith&Wesson product. I shall not support further idiocy

    5. Matthew Dowe said:

      The holding company that owns Smith & Wesson is changing it’s name. S&W will keep being S&W. Get the facts straight before you write an article dipshits.

    6. Christina Ricke said:

      A new company now owns Smith and Wesson, the name will still be on the gun… Don’t waste your time clicking through the pages…

    7. Danny LeBaron said:

      Smith & Wesson will be a a division of a larger sporting goods equipment empire that’s all. Don’t panic.

    8. Barbara LeFors said:

      I will no longer purchase or own Smith & Wesson firearms, I prefer to do business with a company proud of it’s name and brand.

    9. Scott White said:

      As long as the guns are still Smith and Wesson, I have no problem with it