2 Options For EMP Prepardness

  • EMP attacks have been a threat for quite some time.  In fact, as technology advances and our lives become more and more dependent on technology the threat grows. It was only two generations ago that our grandparents lived a life “off the grid” compared to the life that we live today.

    Many of us have become too reliant on technology that should any terrorist cell, world leader or revolutionist hacker decide they want to wipe out the grid all together we would be thrown into a world in which many would not know how to survive.

    And if you don't believe me just go to any grocery store when the power is out and watch them scramble to understand how to count back change!

    So what are our options? What can we do to prepare and protect the ones that we love?

    I have read up on this subject and to my knowledge, there are only two options, so keep reading and let's look at those together.

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    1. Bob Cento said:

      ha ha- When one has a pacemaker there are no two options