You Are Never Going To Believe What Happens When You Cover A Big Mac With Molten Copper!

  • How Can Something So Damn Hot Not Freaking Be Disintegrated?!

    The Results Are Absolutely Terrifying… There Is A Reason This Video Has Over 2 Millions Views.

    What in the world have we been eating? Once you see what happens when you cover a Big Mac with Molten Copper which has a melting point of 1,984°F or 1,085°C you are going to be blown away.

    The Big Mac which has the usual on it, lettuce, tomatoes pickles and meat doesn't even seem to be phased by the fiery liquid.

    If you are a Fast Food junkie like most of us are… then you are going to regret every single bite once you see this!

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    1. Greg Taylor said:

      I was going to comment about the danger of mixing molten metal and moisture but Snopes beat me to it!!

    2. Sean Swanger said:

      My guess? Absolutely nothing, since it’s not real food and full of preservatives

    3. Eric Cariello said:

      the burgers don’t melt… saved you the time… horrible for your digestion… and now I want a big Mac: (