Why The UN Thinks The US is Headed Towards Another Civil Conflict

  • Across the globe, we find countries of different sizes with different types of individuals and different standards of living. While some nations have a more homogenized population, others are a melting pot of diversity. We can all agree that the U.S. is one of those melting pot nations and that the diversity is what has made us one of the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world. Thanks to that diversity, people flock to this country to pursue both their dreams and freedom.

    However, in light of recent events, Americans are not the only ones concerned about the future of the country. Typically, the U.S. is one of the leading countries in the United Nations. However, the UN has suddenly become just as nervous as we are about how the nation will move forward. Are horrific crises like Charlottesville going to continue? What happens if the government can no longer control and positively influence its people?

    Keep reading on the next page to learn how the UN is reacting to recent changes in the U.S. and how that reaction is being received!

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    1. Eric DeSantis said:

      I’m a redneck from a rural area. 80 percent of my neighbors have become peppers and oath keepers in the past 3 years. So much that they actually had a festival on my road. There was an army of armed regular people there all bitching about government overeach. Common sense would dictate that yeah we are headed for a war but not against each other. Seems like our totally corrupt and completely dysfunctional government should be nervous. The more they push for our cash the closer they get to breaking the final straw.

    2. Taryl Gibson said:

      It won’t be a civil conflict, Liberal Democrats are not Americans

    3. Loren Jury said:

      President Trump is trying to “free Americans”, black, white, or otherwise, from the SLAVERY that has subtly taken hold in our nation. We have slowly been indoctrinated into serving a government for only improving their lives. Both Democrats and Republicans have presented obstacles to prevent President Trump from giving Americans back their freedoms and quality of life. What we are actually seeing with this ONE-SIDED INVESTIGATION, IS A DEEP-ROOTED CORRUPTION, overthrowing the new American Government, FOR THE PEOPLE.
      Being blunt, some bad sh*t is headed our way, so you better wise up and get ready! It’s time to dismantle the Washington elite machine now before it rolls over all of us! Once again, there is some bad trash coming down the pike! I can’t tell you everything here, but hold on!
      Here are their secrets: Obama thugs and the Global Elitists scheme:
      SECRET 1 -> Commandeering America can only be done by the mass importation of illegal aliens from terrorist nations. To speed up the takeover Americans must be disarmed so the transition is unchallenged by the people being displaced, which are the American citizenry. Once the balance of power shifts from the American people into the hands of Islamic terrorists and third world operatives then police power can step in to quash the rebelling citizens and nationalize their wealth for redistribution and the global good.
      SECRET 2 -> Here is their operating procedure -> Immigration Without Assimilation Is Annihilation.
      Listen up. You heard me right, the Obama thugs and the Global Elitists will flood America with undocumented militant men from terrorist nations and third world operatives refusing to give them the core beliefs and foundational elements necessary to comprehend America, thereby denying them an understanding of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our great heritage… therefore making it impossible for anyone to assimilate!
      Got it! Read this again: Immigration Without Assimilation Is Annihilation
      Makes sense doesn’t it? The unfortunate result of this dastardly scheme is nothing short of annihilation. Annihilation of what? The annihilation of rights, the Constitution and all who resist… A.K.A. You and Me!!