Learn To Make An Emergency H20 Filter Kit

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  • Thirsty?  What if you had NO CLEAN WATER?  It's not a secret that, globally, the world's water supply is dwindling.

    Pair that with the fact that the nation is not constantly receiving the natural rain from ages past and you have a growing problem that hits so close to home is SCARY.  Do I have your heart-rate pumping at least a little bit?  Palms getting sweaty?  Again, this is NOT a new problem.

    Every minute at least one child dies from a water-related illness.  This D.I.Y is simple, cost effective and IF we ever were to be scarcely short, in the US, of such a precious resource, use this is a simple Survival Hack to help you endure.

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    1. Jeff Mitchell said:

      Lame… When you talk with proper speech, in a legal like tone about such a simple subjrct.. I’m done with your nonsense..

    2. Stephan Murray said:

      Does anyone else notice the clencher? Like… the reason this works? The water purification tablets. I’m betting anything this works just as well if you boil the water after filtering it.