What our Ancestors Knew About Stockpiling for Winter

  • Stockpiling for winter is so important, here are things we can learn from our Ancestors!

    When an emergency situation occurs, chances are we won't have electricity and other conveniences that we use in our daily lives. This means that we will have to survive like they did back before electricity. Surviving without power and other things that we depend on can be easier when it is nice outside. However, when it is winter and really cold outside, knowing how to survive can be even more difficult.

    If you are concerned that you won't have the right supplies stockpiled for winter, the best thing we can do is to think about what our ancestors did. They survived the harshest of circumstances every single day. If you stockpile the same items they did, it just might be what survives your life.




    To find out what our ancestors put in their stockpile for winter, please head on over to the next page. 

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    1. Tim France said:

      My ancestors didn’t have a mosque in their backyard, i am sure of that

    2. Marie Kelly said:

      I’m more afraid of the Christian churches that create terrorist.

    3. Randy Overwatch said:

      Looks like Russia. That’s not a mosque, and the first comment on here is laughable.

    4. Glenn Hess said:

      There are a lot of municipalities that prohibit stockpiling. People who live in those places need to keep their stockpiles hidden.

    5. Ed Oellien said:

      My grandparents and so many like them, knew how to survive simply because it was just what you did.
      How to store food without going to the store.
      How to prepare a meal with a cast iron skillet, a lump of lard, 2 carrots and a celery stick. (Maybe a pig oink if they were lucky).
      How to stay warm/cool.
      How to entertain themselves without electricity.
      They knew how important neighbors were.
      And hundreds of other things that we didn’t even bother to ask about.
      They truly are the last of a generation that knew how to survive.

    6. Tyson Little said:

      If you live in an apartment, you’re going to jade a hard time stockpiling firewood and keeping warm when the grid fails

    7. Billy J Genaway said:

      Maybe not firewood but candles, sterno cans, and such with a couple of bricks and a clay pot would work in an emergency tho

    8. Justin Garland said:

      Miniature propane buddy heater and cooking stove. Use them for ice fishing in Minnesota. Some require venting but there are ways to make it work. Keep a few gallons of water stored. Especially in an apartment. Cities might have water issues and better to have it than not! If you have a water heater. They hold a nice amount of emergency water you can get with a hose on the drain spigot at the bottom.

    9. Oliver Ohnemus said:

      Apparently I qualify as an “ancestor” I grew up doing this and still do most….. maybe instead of ancestor you should say country. Quite frankly I have yet to meet anyone who grew up on concrete that has even the rudimentary knowledge to survive more than a day without electricity