Watch What Happens When This Man Lets a Black Widow Spider Crawl on Him

  • Would you voluntarily allow a black widow spider to crawl on you for kicks and giggles? We all have our own individual fears that keep us up at night and it's safe to say that spiders (or insects in general) are one of the more common fears. While spiders are generally small, those long legs and tiny fangs make us want to run for the hills at the sight of one. The internet perpetuates that fear, too. We come across stories in which a single spider bite has taken down a large adult human.

    As a result, it's only natural for us to feel threatened and scared around spiders, particularly those that are venomous like black widows. You definitely won't find the majority of the population wanting to seek out a black widow, much less catch it and let it crawl on your hand. At any moment, that spider could find you threatening and bite, sending you into a health crisis.

    However, one man had a different approach to the black widow. He put his life on the line in an attempt to prove that the black widow spider is more meek than threatening.

    Let's take a look at what happens when a man lets a black widow crawl on his hand for several minutes!

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