Trip-Wire Bang Home Alarm

  • I've always thought home alarms would be a luxury I just can not afford. It's a bit hard to feel secure at times. Fortunately, I have found a DIY discreet alarm that I could make. It is called a “Tripwire Bang Alarm!”

    In my neighborhood I see people with those fancy systems you have to punch in a secret code. Personally, I live in an apartment on a budget, so installing some fancy system does not really resonate with my life at this moment.

    This thing is cheap to make and simple enough for anyone to install. It makes an extremely loud noise when someone encounters it. It is basically made using a mousetrap, ring caps and fishing wire.!

    The unsuspecting trespasser will trip on the thin, nearly-invisible wire and trigger the ring cap (used in play cap guns) via the mousetrap.

    This is brilliant in it's simplicity and extremely effective – Check out the parts, which you probably have lying around, and construct on the next page

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    1. Chris Nelson said:

      Sorry cant do that. Read can, violation of federal law to use not for intended purpose. ( for real ) But if they ” tripped ” and “fell ” and it was jammed down their throat, that would be a accident. So its a go

    2. Chris Nelson said:

      Yeah if used a loaded shell your in deep doo-doo. So use a blank. Now if you ” accidentally ” some ammo reloading supplies, Lets say some buck shot, laying on the blank just an accident

    3. Glen Schreiber said:

      Intentionally setting booby traps is against the law period. Even on private property. You could argue a bug bombs presence by saying you asked your neighbor to trigger it by opening your windows

    4. Ian Esposo said:

      Caps? I’d use 12 gauge shotgun shells instead, just reconfigured differently.

    5. Tommy Maynard said:

      I use cut shotgun shells there a lot more of a bang but I live in the woods

    6. Mike Mackie said:

      Yeah I think I heard of the same thing with shotgun shells before too called “toe poppers.”

    7. Charles Daras said:

      Load a shot shell with rock salt and let it trip the salt won’t kill but will burn like crazy

    8. Edward Roxas said:

      i used a 12 ga shotgun shell instead ..just drill a bigger hole make sure the trap land across the Primer then tape a nail on the primer and set the trap..when the trap springs,,the trap will hit the nail glued / taped on the primer..BOOM !…you have the Option to use a live / blank or flare shells…

    9. Carlos Cubby Rodriguez said:

      She ain’t on my porch! That chunk of concrete was thrown from the sidewalk… And your aware of the distance from my house to the sidewalk

    10. Jere Penland said:

      This contraption reminds me of something Dan Jones would make or invent. pretty clever………….Sandy Unger

    11. Vince Watson said:

      Thought about making some of those , iv seen some with glowsticks and shotgun shells , flares all kinds of s**t

    12. Randy Meister said:

      We use Piano strings across the Windows. Hard for them to see, but cuts like no tomorrow.

    13. Armando Rodriguez said:

      That is really cool,I wish I would have thought about something like that when I was a kid 2 cool and yes seems like it would make a good alarm

    14. Eric Mayhew said:

      Having been in the Military these can and have been used as a trigger for explosive’s.

    15. Andrew Walker said:

      Cristian Alamillo Jade Alamillo Bobby Alamillo I don’t know which of you will be lucky enough to see this first, and I claim no responsibility to what you do to each other with this knowledge lol. Happy April fools ideas guys.

    16. Shar Vor said:

      Saw one similar at Preppers expo. Used rat trap and empty shotgun shell w primer. Speaker was from Front Sight in NV.

    17. Henry Krinkle said:

      It has to strike with enough force to set off the primer. And if you screw up you might lose your hands or die.