Trip-Wire Bang Home Alarm

  • The next time you're unsuspecting enemy runs into your Trip Wire Bang Alarm it will shock and surprise them. At this point you can easily whip out your weaponry and start the battle over whatever you where feuding/stealing or protecting before.

    If you need a little more instruction or think that you missed a step check out this video below!

    The below video will show you exactly how this works. It is a pretty quick video, but the instructions are pretty clear. You can skip the paint job, unless you are using this outdoors and need it hidden.

    One Tip:

    If you have pets, you may want to avoid this one. That would cause you and your pet a lot of stress.

    However, this would be a decent practical joke to give someone a good scare!

    Are you going to give it a try?



    1. Joe Creaney said:

      This is also possible with a cloths pin and stick where then it is pulled a sircut is completed.

    2. Dan McPhate said:

      Small amounts of impact sensitive chemicals work well with this…tiny plastic baggies from the craft section or “headshop” keep things dry for outdoor applications.

    3. Estaven Shepard said:

      This web site tries to force SPAM onto your computer pretending it is a Windows upgrade. Do not click on this website.

    4. Ernie Tindell said:

      in Vietnam, we used a clothespin for the contact point, a plastic spoon through the contacts and tied to the tripwire, worked well, of coarse over there we had claymore mines

    5. Christopher Dahl said:

      now get a 9 volt battery and some wire. wire a circuit using the mouse trap as the switch , then run another wire to a gallon jug filled with a bit of gas… when the circuit closes it will wake one up.

    6. Tammy Birk said:

      I have too many wild animals that would trip it…bears deer turkeys kitties…so won’t work for me.

    7. Don James said:

      I lost interest after the 3rd page. I like the info on this site, but hate the 27 page format.

    8. Carroll Griffin said:

      More can a grenade a tree and a string.
      You figure out the rest…
      Billy Twowolf hall knows already.

    9. Justin App said:

      Now we are taking some jungle war date for the meth head thieves and sociopaths who steal

    10. Justin App said:

      Yea$#%&!@*trap property and thstnwill$#%&!@*up that partbof the criminal thought process now we are gettin somewhere

    11. Toni Barron said:

      I’ve stopped reading their stuff. It’s page after page. Signing off.