Tourniquet Know How. It Might Save a Life

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  • People know OF Tourniquets and their basic application, but not many people know the CORRECT way to apply pressure and use a tourniquet to help stop bleeding.

    There are a number of major arteries and veins that, if bleeding from them, with no medical help nearby you can die pretty quick.

    That is why knowing how to properly apply a tourniquet is extremely useful, and potentially life-saving skill.

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    1. Stephen Schwebke said:

      Dislike…I have had training on tourniquets. Never use something thin or you will crush arteries and nerves, possibly beyond repair. And you do not loosen them, especially not every few minutes. That will only allow more blood loss, leading to hypovolemic shock. If you think you may need to use one, get training and add one to your gear. The CAT is considered one of the best.

    2. Joseph David Johnson said:

      Learn to use a military/first responder tourniquet on yourself so you know how it’s supposed to feel. Then you’ll a better idea on how to use expedient ones.