The Only Thing You’ll Ever Need For Decorating Is This One Simple Party Hack: It’s Perfect!

  • When She Stapled A Few Plastic Cups Together & Threaded Some Lights Together: It Was The Most Amazing Thing We've Ever Seen…

    It's the most wonderful time of the year. With all of the decorating that takes place during this season, finding awesome ways to make your light display more unique is becoming more challenging.

    An easy and frugal way to create a notable lighting fixture that will wow a drive-by audience is a sparkle ball. A sparkle ball is essentially a giant twinkle light ball made from simple objects that can be found around your house. They are a quick and easy to make and are a decorating item that would add flare to your home, on the inside or out.

    The next page has instructions on how to create your own sparkle ball, giving you the ability to light up your home in a positively unique way.

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    1. Patrick Hebert Sr. said:

      I make these but use a pencil tip soldering gun to weld them together and also make the hole in the bottom for the bulb to pass through..

    2. Judith Hatton Schwalb said:

      My Daddy did this 30 years ago to string along his camper for club parties. Use lights with white wires, they look better than the green ones unless it is pitch dark and the green doesn’t show.

    3. Lori Bednarz said:

      My grandmother used to make these out of medicine cups and Christmas lights. They were so beautiful!!! She was a nurse so she always had plenty of cups on hand.