Survival 101: How To Properly Carry Trees on a Shoulder

  • Wood is a necessary part of survival. With it, we build, cook, make weapons and shelter, and that's just with the bark as the other parts of the tree are useful as well.

    There is just one thing, if you can't get it back to the bug out location then you're pretty much out of luck.

    Yet, some outdoorsmen say the best way to carry wood, a tree, or a log home is by putting it on your well-padded shoulder and move along. So we have compiled some examples for you.

    The examples on the next page are done with a six and nine-foot log(s). It is surprisingly easy to do as long as you do it right.

    If you are in good health this truly does seem the best way to get the log home. It’s also great weight training and exercise!

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