Alcohol Subsistence Stove – Great Survival Item

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  • Let me ask you a question.

    Ever think about what would happen if our modern civility was through into turmoil?

    For the average-everyday person this means, NO WATER, NO ELECTRICITY, NO GAS = NO HEAT.

    In 5 to 10 minutes you can have a nifty and very workable stove that is not only convenient but is well suited for travel based on it's compact size.

    Remember, It NEVER hurts to be prepared. How else will you survive?

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    1. Jason Bradshaw said:

      It’s a 12oz RedBull can. I think i did the holes with a hole punch. I made so many of the damn things I can’t remember. Drilled some and punched some.

    2. Jason Bradshaw said:

      Yeah that’s my whole mess kit. That’s a pot cozy. So you can hold it plus it helps whatever’s in the can cook/rehydrate.

    3. Casey A Holland said:

      Those are great, and I hate alcohol stoves. I made one out if a giant monster can and it’s amazing. Although mine was one with pin holes around the top and a pressure chamber in it.

    4. Andrew Herring said:

      Just made one of these the other day. Unfortunately I punched the holes too wide and I scrapped it. Gonna make another one later.

    5. Jason Howell said:

      I think the best part about using alcohol as fuel is it doesn’t create toxic fumes. Safe to use in an enclosed space.

    6. John Ward said:

      While it’s good to know how to make one, know there limits. Boiling water can be difficult.

    7. Bruce Lawrence said:

      I can boil a cup of water in 8 minutes on most of mine. I have several variations including a double walled design (not mine) but they all perform. I’d poke a series oh small holes about an 1/8 inch below the rim. It’ll work like a gas stove burner (blossom).