Six Powerful Ways To Remove Rust

  • A lot of people love it when it rains but I hate it. As an avid junk-collector of spare parts, shelving racks and old cars when it rains: i'm in pain.

    Nothing is worse than coming outside the next day with the sun shining to see your once pristine parts all rusted up. I hate spending hours on end with the Lime Away scrubbing and washing this stuff only to find out more weather is in the forecast.

    My wife says that my stuff is old but to me I like to think that it's new.

    I never knew what to do about the rust problems that I had until I came across this helpful tutorial on different ways to remove it.

    Trust me, if you ever purchased Lime Away more than once a month you know how expensive it can become.

    -Also, if you have even the smallest cut on your hand Lime Away will burn like crazy –

    Check out these helpful items that do not cost a truck load of money and can help you take care of the rust problem from happening so often.

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