She Bakes Marbles In The Oven, Then Dumps Them In Ice Water. The Result? Stunning!

  • They Are Super Cool To Look At & You Can Make Something Out Of Them…

    Who remembers collecting marbles as a kid? These hard little jaw breakers where collectibles when I was younger. Now that I am into my late thirties I have no use for them.

    After I saw what I could make out of some crystallized marbles I was pretty impressed. The process of making them look like diamonds, after they are finished, is pretty easy. There are no tools required to do this either!

    You are going to love how they look when finished – this has to be the best use of marbles yet!

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    1. Walter Weber said:

      Actually was teaching my granddaughter how to play marbles the other day. So much better than having the tv on

    2. Emmett Blasier said:

      And after you bake them you take a hammer and break the marbles now you can take the broken marbles to do art work

    3. Bruce DeSha said:

      Some say I have,they still rattle when I shake my head though!

    4. Gene Laird said:

      Used to do this with my grandmother, then glue them into grape clusters for coffee table ornaments.

    5. Dixie Strange said:

      we used to do this when we were kids and make charms from the marbles.

    6. Cindy Ritchings-Hickey said:

      I did this when I was young. Got it from a craft magazine way back when Leewards craft store was open. Ok showing my age. use pipe cleaners for arms & legs, add google eyes to make all kinds of animals. Even sold them to earn Christmas shopping $. they set up nicely on a small poker chip as a base.

    7. Rebekah Jean said:

      My Aunt was doing this in the late 60’s. It’s not a ‘new’ craft!