Rocket Stove Conversion From a Propane Tank

  • The ability to be innovative is not only about creating something new and unique, but also about making that product efficient and more versatile than anything else out there. If you're a DIYer then you're likely able to use that innovation to build that new item while saving money in the process. Otherwise, we would just go to the nearest home improvement store and purchase whatever we needed. This DIY propane tank rocket stove will speak to your innovative side while saving you money.

    If you spend a majority of your time outside, whether it's in the woods, in your backyard or on a boat, this stove may prove vital. It's mobile so you can take it along wherever you wish and it'll ensure you won't get food poisoning from eating undercooked food. If you want to set it outside on your patio, it can be customized to match your other outdoor furniture. It has multiple benefits that you can't get from any product at your home improvement store!

    Keep reading to learn how to make this propane tank rocket stove!

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