Re-Purpose A Washing Machine Into A Fire Pit BBQ

  • As an avid camper one generally learns rather quickly that having the proper supplies and equipment can be crucial to the weekend get away. The same can be said about learning how to get all your supplies to that remote weekend destination. In this article we're going to tackle how to make things a little easier on you when trying to limit how much stuff your packing into the family truck or car for your next camping get away. Actually, more specifically we're going to address what many consider the some of the most important items needed for a successful camping excursion – The Fire Pit BBQ!

    Many camping destinations require campers to have there camp fires in an enclosed fire pit, especially in areas with higher fire danger. So ultimately that means that in order roast those delicious marshmallows over the fire, your going to have bring your own self contained fire pit, which is just one more thing to pack.

    What if we could make a duel purpose, Fire Pit BBQ that was easy to transport and easy to use? Even better, what if we can make it ourselves out of some readily available junk like an old washing machine?

    Save The Forest & Save Your Wallet – Learn How You Can Be Cooking Crispy Critters With This D.I.Y BBQ Fire Pit.

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    1. Keith Ahart said:

      Works nice been doing this for years if you leave shafts on it will push right into the ground

    2. Anthony Talley said:

      Until it gets super hot one time n the ceramic coating starts poppin off n goes down your shirt. Hot flyin ceramic is treacherous. Oh, n the firepit made from an ol ceramic toilet, I wouldnt suggest that idea either…

    3. Dawn Walker-Goggins said:

      I am trying to figure out how to get the drum loose from the bottom! I got the outside off but that’s as far as I got! I think I need more tools!

    4. Debra Dawson said:

      We used these at the campground i worked at, they make great fire pits