Prepping With No Notice What To Do When There Is No Time

  • Most preppers and survivalists like to be prepared for just about anything. This means we stockpile food, water, and supplies as much as possible. This even means we have a bug out bag ready to go. We know that disaster can happen at any moment.

    However, sometimes we may be on vacation with a disaster happens or maybe we haven't the money or time to stockpile as much as we would like to. When this happens, we need to know how to prep when everything might be chaotic around us. Once you know what to do in this situation, we can be mentally prepared even if we aren't as physically prepared as we would like to be. It might just be what helps us to survive!

    We Have Gathered A List Of Things To Do When You Have To Prepare On The Fly And This List Can Be Found On The Next Page.

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    1. Anonymous said:

      How many ppl keep there baths so clean that in a shtf situation they’d be happy to drink unboiled ~ ☆Remember shtf ~ No Power ~ Everything that moves through pipes in the cities needs Electricity to Move ~ “Everthing” waste , gas & water . Take a look @ Christchurch NZ after the Major Earthquakes they had a few years ago & you’ll see what I mean.

    2. Chris Bridges said:

      theres no such thing as prepping with no notice. thats why its prepping lol