Off The Grid Internet: How To Get Internet Access When Living Off The Map… No Matter How Far Out You Are

  • Just Because Your Going Off The Grid Doesn't Mean You Have To Cut All Ties To Civilization. Find Out How To Connect To The Outside World No Matter Where You Are!

    Living off the grid gives many advantages, but one disadvantage for some is the lack of internet access, limiting the ability to stay in contact with loved ones, downloading videos to help with projects, or simply having the ability to look up answers to questions.

    While some might think living off the grid means having no access to internet intentionally, but that's not always the case. There have been remedies given for this dilemma. Not all work well, but they do, in fact, work.

    This post focuses on the ways in which you can get internet in whatever area you choose to live in, whether it is in town with everyone, or outside of those parameters. There are multiple options to meet your internet needs, all you need to do is choose one.

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    1. Jim Miller said:

      You call that an article and how to? It’s suggestions of “cell phone, satellite internet or ham radio” No details or where to go, or even company names.

    2. David Lee Thompson said:

      “Poof”, one instantaneous pulse, solid state /digital are gone. Best case, “got tubes”, have signal will travel. Can you say “Faraday cage” and 1960s/70s era tube sets.

    3. Tripp Beasley said:

      How is internet over amateur radio an option when encryption is not allowed?

    4. Nick Kubala said:

      You listed 4 options. And no information on how they work. These ‘articles’ are extremely suspect.

    5. Ernest Levesque said:

      Internet Access ???…..OK taste of the real if SHTF happens and power goes down it will take the internet with it. There should be no worring on how you will get to facebook or even your cell phone. So ok your off grid and want internet but remember it’s only as good as the support system that makes it work.

    6. Billy Bowers said:

      Your page is hard enough to work through when you have something that is helpful. This artical was about as usless a$#%&!@*on a boar hog.

    7. James Prentice said:

      The article is about getting internet while living off grid, not getting Facebook when SHTF. Calm down.

    8. Garret Albrecht said:

      Obviously not meant too access facebook but a decent way to be informed on who your enemy is if shtf right?

    9. Link Dobbs said:

      This has nothing to do with SHTF. It has to do with living off grid. It is true most of us who choose to live off grid do so in preparation of a SHTF situation. This article is pre shtf. We are off grid and enjoy the internet daily.

    10. Ernest Levesque said:

      The only reason I said facebook is I know way too many who think it’s a goto connection to get in touch with loved ones and say I’m ok or are you ok. Smartphones have made it too easy to have the internet in your pocket and very few even know how it works. There is an unseen support system that keeps it all going and if the SHTF is big enough it will fold and millions will die with there hands in the air looking for tower bars.

    11. Ernest Levesque said:

      I grew up on a farm there was so much work to do I had little time to watch TV. So please tell me when an off grid person has enough time to sit in front of a computer.

    12. James Prentice said:

      A farm and off grid living are two different lifestyles.
      Take it down a notch and offer something useful or go away.
      By being negative towards an article or it’s author you are doing nothing.

    13. Chuck Hargis said:

      Yeah I’m living off the grid…but…I need internet so I can stream Netflix

    14. Fred K Lawrence said:

      This is a terrible article. Lacks any sort of information on the various options beyond listing 4 ways to gain internet off grid. May as well say you can travel by car and list Ford, Chevy, GM, and Toyota. Totally lacking in details.