New To Living Off-The-Grid? Check Out These 10 Super Helpful Supplies You Should Always Have On Hand!

  • You Shouldn't Even Consider Going Off The Grid Unless You Have A Stockpile Like This… You're Asking For Drama If You Don't.

    New to the DIY Living Off-The-Grid scene? It can be a daunting experience.

    After all, perusing the countless websites, shows, books and survival stores will soon send you on a head-spinning plunge of questioning of what you should have, how much you should have and how long you should plan for a living remote situation without being SOL.

    For this reason, many people tend to write-off preppers and people who decide to live in solitude as wackjobs who are hoping for the apocalypse simply because it’s easier than confronting the very real possibility of having to rely on skill and preparedness.

    But new preppers and those considering prepping, take heart. There are some very easy things you can do to make sure that you are at least prepared for a natural disaster or local threat (both foreign and domestic). What should you ensure that you have stashed away to prepare for the worst?

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