Mod a Camcorder Into Night Vision Tech

Night vision cam
  • This tutorial will help you modify an old analog camcorder and convert it into a Night Vision device.

    If grid power were to go down, think of how many towns/cities would be thrown into complete darkness once the sun set.

    Think how, during a blackout, your local street becomes an eerie curtain of darkness.

    After modification, you could even craft a hidden set up outside your home to monitor any unwelcome visitors that are curious on who's (and what's) inside your home.

    Do you have an old analog camcorder at home?  If not, they are super cheap and full of handy electronic components.

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    1. Matt Jones said:

      Brilliant. Just make sure it’s not on record if on butcher’s rifle

    2. Corwin Hyatt said:

      Battery powered IR illuminator. Video cameras aren’t fully limited to the visible spectrum. A simple IR LED would do the trick. 🙂