Lasqueti: The Land Dedicated To “Off-Grid” Living

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  • Many would like to keep this island a trade secret.  They like it that way.

    There is little to no industry.  Bartering exists & money is not necessary. There is one pub, one cafe and what is known as “The Free Store.” The untapped beauty of Lasqueti – lush forests & rippling waters – actually betray the hard, dedicated work that is required for someone to live here.

    Residents of Lasqueti have seen many come and go.

    The locales say that the majority of people who set their sights on living the free “off-grid” style of life, fail.   Most don't have the skill set required to survive, so they pack up and leave. Residents claim that only around 30-40% of people will actually adapt & adjust to Lasqueti.

    The engineering of homes in Lasqueti is so impressive that you have to see them to believe it.

    One in particular known to locales as the “Earth Ship” will blow you away – so keep reading!

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    1. Bryan Smith said:

      If government continues its ways, we will all be living like that !!!

    2. Patti Chell said:

      Not sure I could but I’d give it a try. I meaning we, my husband is really good at that stuff. Lol

    3. Sam Goucher said:

      Jerry surely isn’t “making sure the everything is working” in the house he is the caretaker for? At least every day.

    4. Forrest Fields said:

      Check out the Earth ship group outside of Taos NM. They have a whole community there.

    5. Doug Gard said:

      Not ny cup of off grid tea but interesting. My off grid is more of an independent individual one. Where living on enough acres to support ones needs utilizing modern powered machines to take the drudgery out it.