You Will Never Look at a Soda Can The Same Way Again!

  • Soda cans are a thing we humans accumulate in abundance, and they are the easiest thing to find, be it in a store or a trash can. You don’t need to look far to find one.

    As a matter of fact, soda cans are the second most littered item… next to cigarette butts.


    They come in the perfect size and can be used to hold a vast array of materials. If you think they are ugly, it is nothing a quick spritz of spray paint can’t tackle.

    Once you see the possibilities available to you in the form of your favorite carbonated beverage, you will think twice about tossing those cans out the window or taking them to a recycling plant.

    If You Want To See Some Of The Awesome Things You Can Do To Up-Cycle Them & Learn How To Do It, Please Go To Page (2)…

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    1. Tiana Simmonds said:

      OHHHH Lol yeah its not that serious, I mean… It is. But people still livin life

    2. Don Pepka said:

      I made the forge on the king of randoms YouTube page and melt the cans to make aluminum projects with my kids

    3. Dan McPhate said:

      Clickhell. I’m not clicking through all that garbage of popups and one page at a time bs.

    4. Ray Bonnette said:

      If I can’t see what’s going on, I’m going to have to stop following this post !!! If I wanted to see advertising, I’d stop paying for t.v. !!!

    5. Zig's Place said:

      My water color pencils, and Crayola pencils and sketch pencils will each get a can now.

    6. James Wodarcyk said:

      That was about the dumbest thing I ever saw. And I had to click through 3 pages because of all of the ads. Jorge Herrera idea in the comments was better than those. Silverware caddy. Come on. Like I need one of those.

    7. Jeremy Rasnick said:

      Yeah this is cool. Seen several designs on pintrest for these compact burners.

    8. Chris Reitz said:

      looks like something sharp to cut ur finger off with while ur digging stuff out of it

    9. John Longbrake said:

      I tried several types of can openers on some pop cans and all they did was chew up the top of the can and make it useless. What brand of can opener or type should I get?

    10. Bryan Crosbie said: is the best can opener for this types of cans check it out

    11. Derek Gillespie said:

      Depends on what part of the country you are from down south they call it all Coke