How To Tell If Someone is Carrying a Concealed Weapon

  • If the worst were to happen and we’re faced with the aftermath of a SHTF event, we may find ourselves having unwanted interactions with other people. On an ordinary day, this wouldn’t be an issue. However, after a crisis, people tend to react irrationally and unpredictably. They’re more likely to carry a weapon and unfortunately, they’re more likely to use it in order get that food or those supplies they desperately need.

    As a result, part of your prepping efforts must be focused on educating yourself about the signs that someone is carrying a concealed weapon. You can then ready yourself for any sudden movements.

    Continue on to see which signs can indicate if someone is carrying a hidden firearm!

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    1. Sean Swanger said:

      If they’re properly concealing it, you won’t know. Assume EVERYONE is armed and act accordingly.

    2. Nathan Cobb said:

      Yep probably should’ve double checked that before you posted it lol

    3. Mike Elmore said:

      Well if someone is hiding a dang Rambo knife behind their back like that with the sun shining against them then you just look at their shadow and go, “Are you holding a Rambo knife behind your back?!” Lol