How to Tie a Cobra Knot

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  • Knowing how to tie a good knot is beneficial to any prepper or outdoorsman. It is normally one of the first things that you learn how to do when looking at learning any kind of survival techniques.  There are many knots to choose from and each has its own use so when looking at learning knots it's best to start out with the simple ones first.

    The Cobra Knot is a simple and used in many situations. The most common is when making paracord items such as bracelets or grenades. You can see an example of how to make a paracord grenade here.

    So let's look at how to tie a Cobra Knot. 

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    1. Michael L Roberts said:

      Nice, but long before this was called a cobra knot or soloman’s ladder, this was a Portuguese sennet to old time sailors.

    2. James P Racanelli said:

      I saved a cracking fiberglass extension pole for work by cobra knotting the entire pole giving it strength has lasted me a few years now through the harshest weather