How To Purify Water With The Power Of Sunlight

  • Ideally, you have an adequate water stash (replenished regularly) so if you find yourself without access to your regular water source, you do not have to resort to extreme measures.

    Unfortunately, though, life does not always cooperate with our plans; in fact, many would argue it never fully cooperates – and those are the optimists!

    If you find yourself without a water source, however, you do have options. We have one powerful “purifier” that every single person on earth has access to in a pinch – the Sun.

    By using the Sun's UV-A rays and a clear plastic bottle, you can kill an entire range of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Those include e-coli, salmonella, Vibrio cholera, the Rotavirus, Giardia and Cryptosporidium to name just a few.

    We show you how to harness the Sun's purifying power, using just a clear plastic water bottle on the the next page.

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    1. Arthur Harris said:

      Do this and you can leach the chemicals in the plastic into the water . Don’t do it.

    2. Kelli Patterson said:

      I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to be worried about the chemicals from the bottle if you’re desperate enough to need to do this. It’s good to know in case you ever need it.

    3. Terry Thomsen said:

      i will stick to boiling my water, plus, i keep 2 filters in my pack each capable of filtering 100,000 gallons of water each..

    4. J'Anette Scott said:

      Unfortunately, the sun rapidly degrades plastic, leaching BPA into the water. In your body, it mimics the female hormone.