How To Make A Paracord Grenade: A Tool Everyone Needs


    You’re going to need

    • First, you obviously need paracord:   (20 feet,  rated at 550 pounds is a must to ensure it's true paracord)
    • a heavy duty carabineer clip
    • the items that you want to put in the grenade


    Take your paracord and double it over. You want to attach it to the carabineer clip with a larks head knot. That means you take the loop at the top and put it under the carabineer then bring the free strands up over the carabineer and through the loop. You pull tight and now you’re ready to go.

    Of course, you need to get your supplies ready too so take a piece of tin foil and wrap everything together as tightly as you can without breaking your foil. You want everything to be protected after all.


    Place the tin foil wrapped pieces below your carabineer on a table and start wrapping. You want to put the foil in between the two cords so the carabineer is on top and one cord comes down on each side. Then you’re going to use a quick deploy cobra knot all the way down. (If you're not sure how to tie a cobra knot you can find mor info here)

    This isn’t going to make the prettiest paracord survival grenade, but it’s going to make one that’s easy to pull back apart when you’re ready to use it. If you want something a little fancier you’re going to want to check out some other knots that can get you there.

    Now you can forgo all of this and purchase paracord grenades, however you won't have the same amount of control over what goes inside of them and if you are looking to purchase them as gifts for the upcoming Christmas holiday then you are looking at dropping some major bucks on something you can make yourself for way less.



    Have you tried making these yourself? What did you put in them? How did they turn out?


    Source: Survival Mastery