How To Make A Paracord Grenade: A Tool Everyone Needs

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  • Paracord is a staple of survival. I honestly don't know many preppers who do not have it laying around somewhere. Paracord bracelets are also a huge item that has become more than just a way to carry your paracord but has morphed into a fashion accessory. The paracord grenade is more about functionality than it is fashion.

    The paracord grenade can hold about 20 feet of paracord rated to 500 pounds. You can choose to make yours larger or smaller if you wish however this is the perfect size to carry and it holds items that you may need in an emergency situation. These are also great as they are easy to take apart, so there is no fumbling around trying to figure it out however if you do decide to take it apart make sure there is a good reason or you have extra time to sit around and put it back together. So let's look at the functionality of the paracord grenade and what it takes to make one.

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