How To Get Rid Of Wasps Using A Brown Paper Bag

  • If You Have Wasps Then You Know What An Annoyance They Are To Have Around… Who Would Of Knew That With Just A Brown Paper Bag They Wouldn't Nest Near My House?

    This has got to be the best hack in the history of homesteading… it is so ironic that with just a Brown Paper Bag they stay away!

    This works with other flying pests as well. If you have bees or hornets it works the same.

    When I first heard of this trick I thought it was fake but after putting just one in my barn, a place where those winged-demons love to nest I was shocked that they completely vacated the area!

    If you have old nest laying around and if you have new ones forming you can easily use this idea.

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    1. Renee Jackson said:

      I tryed it last summer and the wasp started building right beside my bag. They must have thought huge house must be an awesome neighborhood. I took my bag down

    2. Luanne Meadows said:

      wasps are a huge problem where we live…I tried the bag thing…surprised it really works….

    3. Jeff Hansard said:

      I put three up in different places where I normally get wasp nests every year. So far I haven’t even seen a wasp much less a nest.

    4. Nancy Sigg said:

      They don’t seem to mind all the other nests that are already here. Worth a try. Got a brown paper bag?