Handyman Pours Dish Soap Into His Toilet – When He Shows Why? – I Ran To Try It!

  • If You Have A Clogged Toilet & Don’t Want To Use A Plunger Then You Should Try This… It Works Better!

    Most of us have at one point clogged a toilet or flushed something that caused the trap door to get stuck. If you are one of the unfortunate ones then you probably had water leak all over the place.

    It’s Embarrassing, It Smells & It Makes One Hell Of A Mess.

    However, there is a simple trick that you can do to combat this problem and it works every single time.

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    1. JKR said:

      I have actually used this strategy, and yes, it does work. I won’t, ahem, go into the details, but it was a particularly stubborn clog in part created by my poorly designed back-to-back toilets. In a moment of desperation, I did some internet research & found this suggestion listed multiple times. I did not need nearly as much soap as this plumber used. I suspect the soap does not make the toilet paper dissolve so much as weighs it down somewhat with the oils and surfactants in the soap. It also acts as a lubricant for the clog. Now if you want to risk shooting a bucket of water into a toilet already brimming with unpleasantries, more power to you. If you want to haul out a snake, rubber gloves, etc., again, go for it. Oh, you probably don’t bother wearing rubber gloves either, do you? You are manly men, after all. I would rather take the path of least resistance when it comes to clogged toilets, and I always grab the dish soap & use it sparingly first. Now that I think of it, I have not used a a plunger or a snake since I discovered clearing a clog this way.

    2. dubba said:

      jeeze did any of you trolls even try this method, i did and it worked great.

    3. Joseph V. said:

      Well, I tried something similar a long time ago, and it works every single time: When needed, I pour just a little bit of dishwasher liquid into the bowl, then flush immediately. It works!! The agitating water combines with the detergent, and voila!, the resulting foam makes it all go away.

    4. Christopher G said:

      I’ve been doing this for years. Concentrate laundry detergent works best. I added it to my monthly maintenance schedule

    5. Tyler Cain said:

      So this guy just flushed a role of paper towels down a toilet which I’m sure is great for the sewer system…

    6. Luke Handy said:

      “When he shows why – I ran to try it!” I’m kinda jealous of your ability to clog a toilet on command.

    7. Derek Haywood Sr said:

      That is so weak and people posting this. Let me tell you that I do construction and fix houses and please , you make a clog that like and pour dish soap and hot water ? Are you serious. That would never work on a major clog as you be snaking that puppy. I am so laughing.

    8. Ron Garrard said:

      I was at the grocery store and my wife called me and said our crapper was clogged. Saw this article got a speeding ticket getting home ripped the door off its hinges so I could RUN and try it. Oh my gosh

    9. catman said:

      andy gallegos,
      Why would you use profanity towards and speak down to someone that you more than likley do not know, I guess it makes you a Bigger person.

    10. Phil Lockit said:

      It is not often that we DIYers get good tips. I like the idea it definitely cuts an expensive Plumber visit.