Handyman Pours Dish Soap Into His Toilet – When He Shows Why? – I Ran To Try It!

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  • If You Have A Clogged Toilet & Don't Want To Use A Plunger Then You Should Try This… It Works Better!

    Most of us have at one point clogged a toilet or flushed something that caused the trap door to get stuck. If you are one of the unfortunate ones then you probably had water leak all over the place.

    It's Embarrassing, It Smells & It Makes One Hell Of A Mess.

    However, there is a simple trick that you can do to combat this problem and it works every single time.

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    1. Mike Duren said:

      That’s right and adding hot water dissolves toilet paper on contact

    2. Misty George Henry said:

      It’s actually called a crap trap.. there is a semi level part in the pipes that holds water so the horrible smell from the septic tank doesn’t get into the air in your home..

    3. RJ Sayes said:

      Oh no! Now it’s like a shitty foam party in my bathroom!

    4. Clyde Hayden said:

      He said trap way not door … and and the s curve that stops sewer gas from seeping inyo your home is the trap way

    5. Springer Jay said:

      And you can just use that bucket of water he used to unclog any jam in the toilet. Hell with the soap. Lol

    6. Phil Martin said:

      I usually mix bleach and amonia together then pour it down the sink

    7. Pete Marquez said:

      For the people that actually believe this guy try a big bag of white rice it helps clean the flux capacitor for losing flow !

    8. Joshua Ray Starritt said:

      Pour a whole bottle of muriatic acid in and flush. Problem solved , nevermind the smell, burning eyes and difficulty breathing.

    9. Kevin Limbert said:

      Directions were kind of hardbto follow. Somehow I ended up with my penis stuck in the ceiling fan

    10. Colin Goldsmith said:

      Oh thank god I saw this. I just clogged my girlfriends toilet. Im visiting her folks and now I can get rid of the clog. Granted I have to wait in the bathroom for 20 minutes and I’m not sure where to get a bucket of hot water….but damnit the Internet is always right.. screw the plunger sitting next to the toilet.

    11. Gary Brechlin said:

      I’ve done this without the soap, just a bucket of water to the top of toilet and it went down on its own. Not for monster clogs.