GroundBreaking! Med Tech: New Wound Closure Technique

  • For 5 thousands years, medical professionals have been treating open wounds, basically the same way; suturing.

    The bigger issue is when medical professionals are dealing with patients that have wounds subject to higher mortality rates or if a wound is too large or complex to suture.

    After numerous observations and ER procedures, Dr. Moris Topaz – a plastic surgeon from Israel – determined that in 90% of cases involving large or complex wounds, surgery was the only option to close the wound.

    Dr Topaz has since developed a fantastic new medical tool: TopClosure

    And it's been changing the world around him almost instantaneously.

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    1. John Price said:

      They glued the wound back together when they were finished with my chest.

    2. Sharon L. Perry said:

      Hate these articles that make you click on next page every few paragraphs. Not clicking on next anymore.

    3. Michael Chambers said:

      Found a ref. Labeled “Strapping.” This one is care if a cigarette co. of all things…

    4. Paul Wilborn said:

      Looks stupid. What’s better than being glued back together ? Not this.