Fifteen Phenomenal Uses For WD-40

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  • Did you know, in total, there are over a thousand different uses for this stuff?

    This stuff helps us in more ways than you've probably ever imagined.

    WD-40 is cost effective, comes in various sizes for storage and (if you're smart) is an essential item to carry in bug-out-bags, emergency kits and around the house.

    The possibilities are limitless! Some uses are hilarious, but it goes to show you the versatility and range of applications of this wondrous little can.

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    1. Mike S McLawhon said:

      Also good for lighting the end of it and killing wasp nest. I don’t think you will see that recommended but it works really good.

    2. Ste Gra said:

      Three things. Bailing wire, you fucking savage!

    3. Elvin Lee Edmonds Jr. said:

      Wasp spray does better and has a 20 foot range and they have to go to hospital once sprayed or lose their eyesight.

    4. Judy Vrooman Miller said:

      one thing…it don’t help with these slide shows!! why cant’s there just a lit thing???? every one of these type things is made into a slideshow anymore

    5. Linda Mills said:

      I’ve tried some of theses tips and it works………. Will try more

    6. Randy Gordon said:

      I’ve used it for years spayed a little in my night crawler for fishing the next day works for me fish love it

    7. Nathan Bethke said:

      You won’t believe number this or that! Click on me for some bs….Facebook has gotten so sad. You won’t believe number 3! Omg I couldn’t believe it!!

    8. Donna Stone said:

      Spray it on you’re lures……amazing and yes, the main ingredient is fish oil.

    9. Kasey Jones Walther said:

      People always look at me crazy when I spray wd40 on burns. But truly it will stop the burn instantly. And it’s prolly guaranteed to make you live longer too….. Lol, not so sure about that last part

    10. Judy Brannan said:

      This is impossible to read because of the impossible-to-close pop-up ad.

    11. Jack Spaeth said:

      Like wading through a septic tank to see the whole post . No thanks ! !

    12. Paula Secrist said:

      i read or heard something on it the other day…you can use it for all kinds of stuff

    13. Jane anderson said:

      Please do not put WD-40 on your skin. Even the manufacturer recommends against this. WD-40 contains hydrocarbons. It also contains naphtha which is made from benzene

    14. Sherman Ramsey said:

      I’ve used it on bees and worked pretty good on killing them out (yellow jackets )

    15. Marty Morris said:

      really can’t see how anyone doing anything to being in fix it business don’t got this in bag.I’m not fighting a bolt,nut,bonnet nut,or whatcha ma call it.I’m going spray it go say break time for minute then come back n bam.