Fifteen Phenomenal Uses For WD-40

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  • WD-40 works better for removing dirty stains around your toilet… you'll be surprised that difference it makes… besides; it's cheaper to keep an all-purpose cleaner like WD-40 around!

    8. Clean toilet bowls
    You don’t need a bald genie or a specialized product to clean ugly gunk and lime stains from your toilet bowl. Use WD-40 instead: Spray it into the bowl for a couple of seconds and swish with a nylon toilet brush. The solvents in the WD-40 will help dissolve the gunk and lime.

    Surprisingly this stuff is really good for weatherproofing your clothing. If you have a nice pair of shoes that you don't want to get ruined you should find out what a few sprays will do…

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    1. Pat Lytle said:

      And you think I’m going to click through 15 PAGES on slow internet just to get some tips. NOT!

    2. Richard Sultenfuss said:

      Did you know it was a lab discovered it trying to make a de ice ing agent for the goverment . WD stand for water displacement & 40 was the lab test# 40z