Fifteen Phenomenal Uses For WD-40

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  • I Never knew that WD-40 could deter wasps from building nests under my roof – this is great for the summer time since that is when they like to nest.

    This is highly useful information that is simple enough for anyone to use.

    11. Keep wasps from building nests
    Don’t let yellow jackets and other wasps ruin your spring and summer fun. Their favorite place to build nests is under eaves. So next spring mist some WD-40 under all the eaves of your house. It will block the wasps from building their nests there.

    If you are luky enough to live in the snow & are sick of frost build up on your windows and car then try this out next time… we bet you'll never have that issue again!

    We almost guarantee that WD-40 does a better job at keeping the frost off than your other methods!

    Please Go To The Nest Page To Find Out How To Prevent Snow & Frost Build Up…. This Idea Is Genius!

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    1. Pat Lytle said:

      And you think I’m going to click through 15 PAGES on slow internet just to get some tips. NOT!

    2. Richard Sultenfuss said:

      Did you know it was a lab discovered it trying to make a de ice ing agent for the goverment . WD stand for water displacement & 40 was the lab test# 40z