Fifteen Phenomenal Uses For WD-40

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  • Did you know, in total, there are over a thousand different uses for this stuff?

    This stuff helps us in more ways than you've probably ever imagined.

    WD-40 is cost effective, comes in various sizes for storage and (if you're smart) is an essential item to carry in bug-out-bags, emergency kits and around the house.

    The possibilities are limitless! Some uses are hilarious, but it goes to show you the versatility and range of applications of this wondrous little can.

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    1. Pat Lytle said:

      And you think I’m going to click through 15 PAGES on slow internet just to get some tips. NOT!

    2. Richard Sultenfuss said:

      Did you know it was a lab discovered it trying to make a de ice ing agent for the goverment . WD stand for water displacement & 40 was the lab test# 40z