Emergency Metal Can Heater

  • Back in the day, these impromptu heaters we're made with old metal tobacco tins and you may have known these as “buddy burners” (if you were a scout once upon a time)

    This is a great, portable and simple DIY item that works great for camping cooking!  (or emergency heat/while camping)

    This particular set up does have a pretty big flaw, no flue*.  If you're a creative DIY type, why not modify this contraption to include one?

    *(a flue is a duct for smoke & waste to collect)

    Warning:  DO NOT use this inside! – lest you want a visit from the fire department and tears streaming from your cheeks.

    The carbon monoxide that is given off can lead to deadly results to anyone exposed to it for too long.

    So hold true to common sense and store this information in your head for if/when a emergency strikes and you've lost electricity for the next week, essentially eliminating a primary heat source.






    1. Kim Hutcheson said:

      Used this idea in my greenhouse. Worked good, Don’t forget to use the RIGHT % because otherwise there is too much water and it will not work