Effectively-Simple Gardening Tool Holder

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    Ever get tired of your gardening tools falling to the floor is you've got an unorganized mess?

    Every time I grab one of my garden tools off the shelf, without fail, something else goes crashing to the floor.

    I started thinking of something inexpensive and easy to make (I am not that handy with building things!) and found two wood pallets with some dirt on them.

    I took the pallet back to the garage and it was time for a good cleaning and sanding.

    After sanding I assembled them together, hung the pallets and hung my tools.

    It turned out so well I decided to make one for my dad!

    Best of all, it's incredibly simple!  Aren't pallets great?

    Here are step by step instructions of what I did!


    2 – Full wood pallets with all the planks

    2 inch wood screws about a dozen

    2 – 1×4 pine wood (for backing plate)


    Paint brush


    Sand paper or sander



    Let's Begin!


    Step-By-Step Instructions


    Step #1: Cut 1×4 pine wood (for backing plate) to length of your pallet
    Step #2: Place the backside of the pallets side by side each other
    Step #3: Lay each of the 1×4 pine wood across the the top and bottom of the pallets
    Step #4: Screw about 10 – 15 wood screws into the top of the 1×4 pine wood to secure to the pallet. Continue to the bottom and repeat the step
    Step #5: Apply urethane with a paint brush on the backside of the pallet and let dry. Once dry, apply to the front side of the pallet.
    Step #6: Stand your new tool shed upright and place in desired location. I placed mine against the wooden fence and secured with wooden screws.
    Step #7: Place your shovels, rakes, snow pusher, pruners, hoes, tooth saw, and push brooms into the open slots

    There you have it your own DIY gardening tool shed holder!

    pallet holder


    Know anybody who needs this?  Share it with em and tell em to get off their lazy butt's for a change 🙂